Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak Review

If you’re the type of person who likes to go kayaking alone, the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak is a perfect fit for you. It’s a 1-person portable whitewater kayak that is reasonably priced  on which is a saving of around 15% of the Manufacturers retail price.


This particular kayak combines excellent basic design with some cutting-edge features that will enhance your kayaking experience even more.


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The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak is 10-feet 5-inches long and 32-inches wide when fully inflated.



It weighs a mere 36 pounds. When folded, this inflatable whitewater kayak is 30 X 17 X 10 inches, compact enough to enable its unhampered transportation.


Features of the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak:


  • Hybrid. This Kayak has the characteristics of both a folding-frame kayak and an inflatable kayak. It balances the great maneuverability of a folding-frame kayak and the convenient portability of an inflatable one perfectly.
  • Improved tracking. Thanks to the built-in aluminum ribs that define its bow and stern, plus its skeg tracking fin, the  tracking performance is increased, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable ride for you.
  • Simple assembly process. An uncomplicated process is needs to be performed before using the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak. It involves just several steps- unpacking the portable whitewater kayak, inflating it, and attaching the seat. After that it’s ready for the water.
  • Comfortable seats. It’s very easy to get tired and hurt when seated on an uncomfortable kayak seat. Fortunately it has a high, adjustable, and padded seat that will make you less worried about the discomfort of sitting down for a long period of time and concentrate more on paddling and enjoying the ride.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate. The  inflation valves provide you a quick and safe way to pump air to the kayak within minutes.
  • Storage. A wide storage compartment is available for keeping your supplies dry and secure. There is also bungee deck lacing on the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak’s fore, just the right place for items you want to have access to in a hurry.
  • Portable. When inflated the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak can be carried with hardly any trouble via the molded rubber handles located fore and aft of the craft. It can also be easily secured through its D-ring tie down.
  • Built to last. The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak is made up of three layers of material that are highly resistant to punctures. This makes the folding kayak able to withstand and survive damages it may sustain on and off the water, keeping you afloat and safe. A reinforced bow and stern seam increases the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak’s durability even more.
  • Paddle guard. You get a neoprene paddle guard with the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber and it protects your paddle from shock. It is also able to remain flexible by adjusting to changes in temperature.
  • Useful Extras. Aside from the folding seat, you’ll get the following gear with your Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak: a duffel bag for carrying it folded in, the owner’s manual that you can refer to if you need help, and a repair kit to keep your inflatable whitewater kayak in good condition.


Reviews of The Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Kayak:

People who have experienced using the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak have left glowing reviews:

“My overall impression is that this is a very high quality boat. I fell very safe…”

“This is a great kayak for someone starting out. It is very comfortable…”

“This kayak is easy to paddle and safe even in waves. I use the kayak for…”


Pros and Cons Of Owning This Inflatable Kayak:


This is an easy to use kayak. This is attested to by a lot of people who have experienced delight in finding that they can maneuver the inflatable whitewater kayak smoothly because of its stability.

People who already bought it are also impressed by its toughness, even when being scraped on rocks around rapids the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak is able to function with just a few scratches to show for the rough terrain encountered.


Some people have reported difficulty in getting the inflatable whitewater kayak back into the duffel bag.

Remember to get all the air out of it and it’ll fit again. Others complain that it is not as fast as a hard shell, but keep in mind that the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak was never meant to replace a hard shell kayak.

Our View Of The Advanced Frame Kayak

Does the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak have features that you can really use and take advantage of?

Yes. Does it have great value for price? Absolutely!. Is it worth investing in? Absolutely.


The essence of camping

Many people have heard of going camping, but have never tried it. This may be because certain families just never went camping as they didn’t like sleeping on the ground and freezing through the night. Camping in actual fact is not that at all. Modern methods of camping with cabin camping tents make for a comfortable and pleasant stay in the outdoors with many home comfort like hot food, heaters, and even your own room. This is possible because the cabin camping tens have special dividers and they are high enough for people to stand upright in them.


Some people may tell you that they find camping boring, as there is no television, no cell phone reception and no house. Camping and tents do go together without a doubt, but the large camping tents like the family camping tents will make you feel like you are in a house. They are totally waterproof, durable, and have ventilation systems so that you are cool. There are many things to do with tents and camping like playing various games. The television is great to have but it has forced families to not speak and discuss things anymore. Camping is in tents so you will have to get along and talk, play games together and tell stories which can be a super bonding experience.

If you love home comforts and detest bugs and sleeping outdoors, then why go camping? Well, the first reason is to do something different. Tents and camping may sound strange to you at first, but what is the harm in trying it once. Camping and tents may be the perfect way for you to totally relax and learn to appreciate your environment. It can be very important to teach your children that camping is in tents, so that they too learn to value nature and do not take their homes and iPods for granted.


So, what is the big deal about camping and tents anyway? The main reason that camping is in tents is because it makes it much easier to go with the flow and be flexible. You will be able to stay as long as you like in one area and move around from place to place taking your cabin camping tents with you. The other reason is that tents and camping make for environmentally friendly vacations. There are no houses or cabins built and no luxuries. The surroundings are all totally natural and another reason that camping is in tents is to force people to be resourceful and allow them to have an adventure.

This is why you should take your family camping as often as possible in camping cabin tents where everyone can spend quality time together and you will come home feeling relaxed and content. Tents and camping can really help you to appreciate and develop a love for nature and the outdoors. It will be energizing to not have any cares and really take time to get to know your kids and partner again. Camping and tents can be the best vacation of your life.


So you plan a unique vacation. Possibly a honeymoon, possibly a marriage anniversary, and also you seek inspiration. Hopefully this short article can help to clarify a couple of ideas.
Take France for instance, probably the most romantic locations on the planet, but possibly underrated through the British since it is so close. Paris just needs to function as the most fantastic city for any honeymoon, with everything else in the Eiffel Tower, to Notre Dame. Sitting outdoors around the pavement consuming coffee, eating croissants, watching the planet pass, it does not get far better.

The hawaiian islands are most likely many individuals concept of the right honeymoon destination, or perhaps a spot to go for your special anniversary. It’s from lush plant life, sun drenched beaches, and stunning scenery, with active volcanoes to see, and beaches like Waikiki. The 3 Islands to go to and should see are lanai, The island of oahu, and The island of kauai, various different, all memorable.

Nearer to home if you’re European is Jamaica the 3rd biggest island in the Caribbean. Here things are totally relaxed, although you may be active with raft outings, waterfall climbing along with a legion of watersports. The idle take it easy on the powder whitened sand beaches, and relish the local rum, remaining in top class hotels and taking pleasure in the famous jerk chicken.

A very different vacation will be a winter holiday to Lapland in northern Finland integrating Norwegian, Sweden, as well as Russia. The snow here’s just deep, crisp and beautiful with mix country skiing, dog sled rides, reindeer and snow sleds. Time that it right before Christmas to savor going to Santa. You won’t experience anything such as this elsewhere with ice hotels and igloos among the resort options.

Likely to another extreme will be a dream a vacation in the Maldives. Several small barrier islands within the Indian Sea from the the west tip asia every one has incredible whitened sand beaches, turquoise blue lagoons, and barrier reefs teeming with seafood. Small barrier atolls are complete hotels different from barefoot luxury to fundamental Robinson Crusoe style escapes. Referred to more often than once because the perfect romantic escape destination, you have to go before climatic change overcomes them.

Lots of people insist that Mexico may be the ultimate tourist destination, with ancient civilizations, Mayan temples, old colonial The spanish language Cathedrals, contrasting with whitened sand beaches and top quality resorts. Mexico has something for everybody, with places to unwind and places to party, places to determine, and places to complete nothing.

Like a final thought why don’t you get into Europe towards the Mediterranean and check out the gorgeous island of Sicily from the tip of Italia. Here you’ve from active volcanoes towards the thought which you may begin to see the Mafia, as Sicily is the traditional home. It’s glamorous resorts like Taormina, an amazing coast and wonderful and varied food within the excellent hotels.

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Guidelines For Buying A Camping Tent

You’ve been saying for years that you would love to go on a camping gear trip, and now you finally have the perfect opportunity! The only problem is, you need the perfect camping tent to make your trip a success. Here are some guidelines for picking out the perfect tent for you.



These days, many tents are made with “bathtub floors.” What is a “bathtub floor”?  Most tents are also made with “no-see-um” mesh to keep out all those tiny, annoying insects Camping essence. Many tent doors also come with double-track door zippers. This allows you to unzip the fabric door, but still have a screen up to keep out those bugs!

Check out the poles on the tent you are considering for purchase. Although they are heavier than carbon-fiber poles, aluminum poles are stronger. Fiberglass poles have a tendency to splintering. Fiberglass poles are not recommended. Variable-diameter poles are a great asset. They minimize tent weight by putting the largest diameter where the most strength is needed.


Good ventilation is important in lessening condensation. Double-wall tents usually have the best combination of ventilation but weigh more than single-wall tents. Tents known as “hybrid tents” are partly double-walled and partly single-walled. This help cut down on condensation and keeps the tent weight light.

Single-walled tents are the lightest. These types of tents eliminate the rain fly and are made from either breathable rainproof fabric or from silicon. Silicon fabrics have a tendency to attract pollen, sand and dust. Canvas is the best material for tents, and polyester is the second best.

When you are considering a tent for purchase, take into consideration the square footage. Square footage is a good starting point to determining if your tent will be big enough. The most important thing to consider as far as measurement is the cubic footage inside the tent. An A-frame tent will have the least amount of interior space.

Hoop, umbrella, and Coleman outdoor dome tents have more interior space. You will want to find a tent that maximizes interior space. You want to have enough space inside so your sleeping bag will not touch any tent wall. If you are tall, you will especially want to make sure you have enough space inside your tent. You need to make sure your tent has enough headroom as well. Have the tallest person in your group stand inside the tent to make sure there is plenty of space.



If you are purchasing a Lightweight Backpacking 4 Season Tents, you will want enough space inside for everyone to be able to comfortable sit up. If you have to spend the day inside the tent because of rain, you won’t want to spend that day lying down!

There are many other factors to look into when purchasing a tent. Be sure to purchase a tent that is comfortable for everyone that will be staying in that tent. Whether you are purchasing a backpacking tent or a family tents enough for the entire family, looking at all the details will help you be a wise shopper.