Guidelines For Buying A Camping Tent

You’ve been saying for years that you would love to go on a camping gear trip, and now you finally have the perfect opportunity! The only problem is, you need the perfect camping tent to make your trip a success. Here are some guidelines for picking out the perfect tent for you.



These days, many tents are made with “bathtub floors.” What is a “bathtub floor”?  Most tents are also made with “no-see-um” mesh to keep out all those tiny, annoying insects Camping essence. Many tent doors also come with double-track door zippers. This allows you to unzip the fabric door, but still have a screen up to keep out those bugs!

Check out the poles on the tent you are considering for purchase. Although they are heavier than carbon-fiber poles, aluminum poles are stronger. Fiberglass poles have a tendency to splintering. Fiberglass poles are not recommended. Variable-diameter poles are a great asset. They minimize tent weight by putting the largest diameter where the most strength is needed.


Good ventilation is important in lessening condensation. Double-wall tents usually have the best combination of ventilation but weigh more than single-wall tents. Tents known as “hybrid tents” are partly double-walled and partly single-walled. This help cut down on condensation and keeps the tent weight light.

Single-walled tents are the lightest. These types of tents eliminate the rain fly and are made from either breathable rainproof fabric or from silicon. Silicon fabrics have a tendency to attract pollen, sand and dust. Canvas is the best material for tents, and polyester is the second best.

When you are considering a tent for purchase, take into consideration the square footage. Square footage is a good starting point to determining if your tent will be big enough. The most important thing to consider as far as measurement is the cubic footage inside the tent. An A-frame tent will have the least amount of interior space.

Hoop, umbrella, and Coleman outdoor dome tents have more interior space. You will want to find a tent that maximizes interior space. You want to have enough space inside so your sleeping bag will not touch any tent wall. If you are tall, you will especially want to make sure you have enough space inside your tent. You need to make sure your tent has enough headroom as well. Have the tallest person in your group stand inside the tent to make sure there is plenty of space.



If you are purchasing a Lightweight Backpacking 4 Season Tents, you will want enough space inside for everyone to be able to comfortable sit up. If you have to spend the day inside the tent because of rain, you won’t want to spend that day lying down!

There are many other factors to look into when purchasing a tent. Be sure to purchase a tent that is comfortable for everyone that will be staying in that tent. Whether you are purchasing a backpacking tent or a family tents enough for the entire family, looking at all the details will help you be a wise shopper.


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